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Welcome you, parents who are looking for best baby monitor for you dear babies, to our site. We are a team who are parents just like you with big interest in baby monitors. Now, we are working in a Baby Care Center in Texas. With current job, we understand the wonders of parents and the important of baby care. So, we decide to try and write baby monitor reviews. Our purpose when creating this site is to help people feel much easier in choosing and purchasing the right baby monitor for them and their babies.  Furthermore, this blog is also written based on our experience. However, it’s not the whole picture for you in choosing your baby monitor. We just share with you our experience and impression about the baby monitors we have used or tried for some time.

I know that after all there is nothing more important than the safety and comfort of our babies. So, each parent wants to invest for the best baby monitor for their little one. However, each family has different situation, income or interest so to help you choose the right baby monitor for your family; we will have reviews on best video baby monitor, best wifi baby monitor or best baby monitor under $100 and so on for you to have more choice. Once again, welcome to our best baby monitor hub. Hope that you have nice time here!

What is the best baby monitor?

Baby monitor is recently so familiar with people, especially parents who have infants and toddlers. So, what exact a baby monitor is? Let’s find the answer.

Basically, a baby monitor which also called as a baby alarm is a device to monitor babies when their parents do not stay close with them. In other word, baby monitor is a system that receive and transfer sounds or both sounds and videos of children to you.

On the very first time baby monitors invented, they just only recorded sound without any video footage. We also have an article about best audio baby monitor for parents who are looking for this type of monitor. However, with the strong development of technology, baby monitors nowadays are added with many outstanding features such as: video recording, temperature indicator or zoom function and so on.

A baby monitor has its transmitter device with a microphone or/and camera is placed in the room of your infant, usually near your baby, such as in bed-side or crib side. Another device, receiver, can be carried by you, the parents, or the baby sister or anyone who want to monitor the baby or is taking care of them. There are many reasons for you to have a best baby monitor:

  • For your baby’s safety.

Of course, this is the biggest reason for you to have one. I am sure that you cannot stay all day with your baby and you also don’t want to constantly check your baby to wake his up. So, baby monitor will help you to monitor sounds, transmit video to handset unit. With it, you can know what is happening in baby’s room even when you are in different room.

  • For your peace of mind

You can make sure that your baby still sleep well and there is nothing wrong with him, so you can have peace of mind.

  • For a more convenient life

If you own one baby monitor, for example a baby monitor with camera and night vision or best baby monitor for iPhone, you cannot deny the benefits it brings to you. For example, you can work in other room or do housework, laundry or something else while your baby is sleeping.

After a time of testing, reading reviews from thousands of parent and calculating, I give you herein 5 of best baby monitor:

Best baby monitor 2017:

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What does this blog help you?

As I said in the very first of this article, I have this blog to share you our experience on baby monitor. On the other words, this blog includes many baby monitor reviews to help you choose the right one for your family.

In this blog we have some reviews on products that we had chance to try and use such as: Anglecare AC401 review, Motorola MBP43 review or Motorola MBP33S reviews and so on. You can find these articles in item category Review. With this, we provide the information about some basic features, design, range, price range or what customers who also use these products are saying about it. It’s not the whole picture but I am sure that it shows you useful evaluation from many opinions.

In the same category Review, we also give you some reviews which are divided based on brand of baby monitor. If you like a brand such as Motorola because you tried some products of them and you want to find another model, you can choose our review of Motorola Baby Monitor for some suggestion. We have reviews of various brands like: iBaby Monitor, Snug Baby Monitor, Nest Baby Monitor or Dropcam Baby Monitor and so on.

If you are looking for baby monitor based on your income or certain situation of your family, let’s read our suggestions on best cheap baby monitors, baby monitor for twins, best baby monitor for iPhone or best baby monitor under $100, etc. I believe that these posts will help you to have more ideas in choosing suitable best baby monitor for your babies.

My rating system

To have an in-depth view on products and right rating points, I have my own marking system with different criteria. Specifically, I have a marking system from 1 to 10 points for each, 10 for the most excellent and 5 for average. After all, I will have average point for rating point as you see above table. My marking system includes:

  • Weight/dimensions/design: I raise some questions that are it too light or too heavy? Is it too large or too small? Does it let people feel comfort when hold it in hand? Or is its design nice or bad? And so on.
  • Warranty policy: manufactures often offers 1 year warranty for their products. But some others offer 18 months or 2 years warranty. In that case, users will have more benefits, so I plus some points for this.
  • Technical detail: this include some criteria like: range, battery life, screen quality, video or image quality. Of course, I rate one by one.
  • Special features: this is the most important section, I also list out one by one the special features of the product then evaluate.
  • Price: last but not least, price is the most concern of people. Therefore, from detail reviews and information above, I can evaluate that is it worthwhile in this price range?

With this above rating system, I can choose the best baby monitor for certain situation. Some products have same rating point; However, it doesn’t mean that it’s similar to each other. It just reflects how good and worthwhile the baby monitor is.

Bottom line

As you can see, I have listed out 5 most remarkable baby monitors for you to have more choice. Therefore, you can read through and based on your certain situation and income to decide the most suitable with you. It’s not the best baby monitor in the world but I bet you that it’s the best baby monitor in such price range. Let’s look at what benefits you receive from it; then compare with how much you have to pay, you will think that “oh no, it’s really value for money”.

Last but not least, I hope that our blog posts will be helpful to you in showing you how to choose the most suitable and best baby monitor for your family. In conclusion, wish all the most beautiful things in world to your little one and your family.

Have a nice day,