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I have several posts to talk about best baby monitor 2017 and to compare baby monitors basing on various criteria; each one will be suitable for certain situation of each family. In these posts, such as best wifi baby monitor or An In-depth iBaby Monitor M6 Review, I mentioned to ibaby monitor many times.

If you are looking for a baby monitor that allows you to monitor your babies wherever you are with advanced features at right price, this post is for you. In this post, I will talk about iBaby monitor and its pros and cons. Hope that it helps you somewhat before purchasing a baby monitor.

About the brand

iBaby is established in 2011 and set its sights on enriching family lives by changing the traditional way of child monitoring. Trusted by over 100 thousand users worldwide in 35 countries, iBaby monitor is a famous brand. Since the very first time public introduction, iBaby has products received praise by thousands of parents and reputation media. Its products continue to receive prestigious awards such as Top Choice, The Best of Baby Tech, and Mom’s Choice Awards.

Until now, iBaby monitor has launched 6 models of baby monitor. However, I just mention 4 of them which are most remarkable; they are all wifi baby monitor: M2, M6, M6T and M6S.

Let’s me talk a little about its history of products. 1 year after founded time, iBaby labs launded M3 as a traditional baby monitor that allowed people to hear and talk but couldn’t watch their baby. Then, in 2012, they upgraded M3 to M3S and launched M2 baby monitor as a leap in their product. Not only did the newly designed iBaby Monitor M2 give parents complete freedom in placing the baby monitor anywhere in their homes, the integrated rechargeable battery made it a possibility for parents to use the video monitor without the need of staying near a power outlet.  Though, iBaby M6 models launched in 2014 were really an innovation. It was improved and added with many outstanding features.

Year by year, ibaby has launched monitors with innovation and improvement in both appearance and quality. I appreciate their dedication and creation in their research and manufacturing.

Product features – iBaby Monitor

iBaby M2

The first ibaby monitor I want to introduce is M2 Pro. This one is simpler in comparison with three others. It provides 720p HD video, talk back function, voice recording, sound and motion detection and temperature and humidity monitoring. Almost features are similar to other three M6 ibaby monitor; however, it cannot pan or tilt so it’s a little inconvenient. But let’s see its pros and cons:


  • Affordable price

Among these four ibaby monitor, M2 Pro has the most affordable price (best baby monitor under 100$). Therefore, people who are looking for a baby monitor with good quality of video or a baby monitor with camera and night vision which is in suitable price, this one is right.

  • Peace of mind

Its full privacy control and advanced features bwring you peace of mind.


  • Cannot pan and tilt

Due to its design (as a circle), you cannot pan or tilt to change the view angle. Sometime I find it inconvenient but thanks to its wide lens, it doesn’t affect me much.

You can check its detail features and price on Amazon.

Picture 1

iBaby M6

ibaby M6

This model transmits you images of your babies in crystal clear HD day or night with resolution of 720p HD. Another outstanding feature of this iBaby Monitor M6 is to allow you play soothing music or lullabies to keep your babies calm if she cries or is in tough time.

In that price range, iBaby Monitor M6 doesn’t have all possible feature, but it does have a bunch of great functions that suit just about everyone. Followings are its remarkable points and its pros and cons:


  • Good and clear video quality

720HD resolution video quality brings clear images to parent. When tested this one, I used an iPhone 6 to set up app and I see it very clearly from screen of this iPhone. It’s same when I used app on Samsung Note 5.

  • Nice and compact design with white color and eye-catching

I appreciate the design of iBaby models because this brand often launches many baby monitors with nice design. This iBaby monitor is one of these. Unlike most of other baby monitor, iBaby just has baby unit which is as a bold ball placed on a base. Parent unit is app installed on smartphone or compatible devices. White color brings me fresh feeling.

With only 2.2 pounds of weight and dimension of 7x7x7 inches, it’s very convenient, portable and tremendously easy to install and set up.

  • Convenient

Some of its nice features like remote pan and tilt for maximum area coverage, 2-way communication bring you further comfort and convenient. You just sit there, remotely pan and tilt to scan the room or zoom to see everything clearly. Moreover, you can talk to your baby to calm his down by your voice without running to nursery room when you are in office or in different room in house.

Moreover, I like the function of music playing and voice recording. I can soothe my baby by lullabies. In addition, when I am on business trip, I will record bed time stories to soothe my baby to sleep. It’s very helpful when I cannot talk to my child. He immediately calms down when hear my familiar voice.


  • Cannot mount wall by itself

This iBaby Monitor M6 cannot mount wall by itself; this is a pity, however, there is another good new that we can use support device call iBaby Wall Mount if you want place it on the wall. But, with 360 degree pan and 100 degree tilt, it’s enough for monitoring your babies, so wall mount device only should be an option for which family really needs.

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iBabt M6T

Best video baby monitor

The iBaby video monitor M6T is also a smart Wi Fi baby monitor which can stream real-time video to internet and allow multi-users in the same time. So, if you need a baby monitor to watch your baby from your office, you should choose iBaby M6T. Followings are its special points and features:

  • 720p HD video resolution with night vision and 360 degree pan, 110 degree tilt

This provide clear images and smooth movement. Therefore, you can adjust the angles and even zoom for clearer images.

  • Two-way audio

This lets you easily communicate with the other sides (may be your partner or baby sister) without making phone-call or texting. This is an effective way to keep connected with your family.

  • Smart alert mode

You can customize alert mode in many ways. Especially, even when you are talking on phone or your phone is busy, you still receive alarm if there is something wrong with your baby. So, you can have peace of mind even when you are so busy. And, you will not miss any signal from cameras. 

  • Music playing and voice recording with replay

This feature helps you easily calm your baby down if he cries or in tough time. Hence, you do not need to worry about move to nursery to soothe your baby.

  • Unlimited-users access.

This is a very remarkable feature of this baby monitor. You can invite and share video for your partners, family members or babysitter. This not only keep your connected with family but also ensure your baby safe and sound with monitor from many people.

  • Temperature and humidity information

It’s very convenient for you to see the information and ask baby sister to adjust temperature in baby’s room if it turns too hot or too cold.

iBaby Monitor M6T also cannot mount wall by itself and need added device if you want to place it on wall, however, 360 degree pan and 110 degree tilt are plus point to overcome this shortage because this provides wide viewing angle. With benefits it brings, iBaby Monitor M6T is a smart choice for any parents who are looking for a value-for-money monitor

Picture 1

iBaby M6S

Best Baby Monitor

iBaby Monitor M6S is really a big leap from previous version M6 or M6T. Remain design with monitor base and ball-shape camera, its appearance seem not to be changed anything. But its system is upgraded with many excellent points. Night vision, two-way speakers, play lullabies, 360 view, free cloud and for iOS & android seem to be very similar; so what make it different? Let’s see:


  • 1080p HD video resolution

This is the first one we should mention to, if M6T and M6 model only provide HD video, this iBaby Monitor review provide full HD video for parents, baby sister or any users to watch crystal, clear images and videos even at night or in dark light. When I am watching video transmitting from M6T, then change to M6S and use the same iPhone to install app, it’s really amazing.

  • Double convenient

It brings more convenient when support dual routers 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. So I can flexibly choose and change to suitable frequency.

Moreover, iBaby M6S has air quality sensor while M6 and M6T don’t have. Sometimes, my baby cries at night because the temperature is too hot. So it is helps me so much in keeping track the environment in baby’s room.


  • High price

IBaby M6S has same price range but it owns some added features. This is one of high-end baby monitors that I like most. I am not sure all of its advanced features are essentials for all parents, but if you want to experience the top convenient and peace of mind, let’s try it. But, if you do not want to spend too much on baby monitor, Snug V2 is great idea.

Picture 1



So, I’ve made a comparison among best model of ibaby monitor. They are all smart wifi baby monitor so it will be suitable for those who often have to travel for business or far away from home. This is a great choice to help you stay connected with your family wherever you are. These baby monitors have many convenient features, so if you are who prefer for modern technology, these really suit for you.

However, take note that iBaby monitor cannot mount on wall by itself or cannot be expandable for more cameras; therefore, it will be more suitable for families with one child or infants rather than family with two babies.

I end this post here and meet you in Motorola baby monitor review. Thank you for spending time here.


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