Motorola MBP43 Review

As you all know, baby monitors nowadays are very important to ensure our lovely child safe and fine. To ensure safety of your babies, you should monitor them as much as possible. This doesn’t mean that you have to stay close and watch them all day, this is hard for you. And, with the development of modern technology, baby monitor comes with you as a solution in monitoring your baby. Cheap baby monitors often tend to break and won’t last long, so if you can, choosing a best baby monitor is way to make sure your kids safe and sound even when you do not stay close with them. Motorola MBP43 baby monitor is a great choice in that case. We hereby provide you Motorola MBP43 review for you to decide buy this model or not.

A brief on Motorola MBP43 review

Model Motorola mbp43 is launched by Motorola which is a famous brand with many high technology products, especially in baby care product such as: smart nursery, connected baby monitors, video baby monitors and audio baby monitors. Model MBP43 is a multiple camera video baby monitor in average price range, about 150 – 170$. This price range for some people is not very cheap, but luckily, this Motorola mbp43 sometimes is on discount on Amazon and you can easily buy one with more affordable price.

Motorola MBP43 review

With overall rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars and thousands of review from parents just like you, Motorola mbp43 is really value for money baby monitor to keep your baby safe. With multiple cameras viewing function, together with remote pan, tilt and zoom, parents will be fee from constantly checking their baby. Instead of, they can sit and view their babies simultaneously on one split screen a timed auto-switch from one room to another. Digital technology from Motorola mbp43 keep peace in your mind on knowing what is you baby is doing through a 3.5’’ full color screen which is supported with zoom functionality and infrared night vision. This Motorola mbp43 also supports two-way communication, lullabies playing, rechargeable battery or temperature indication. Let’s find more about this model with Motorola mbp43 review in detail as below.

Product features

  • Motorola

A famous brand with many models of baby monitor. If you want to find out more options from this brand, read our review of Motorola baby monitor.

Weight / Dimensions / Design
  • 2.7 pounds
  • 9.9 x 8.8 x 4.4 inches
  • Two cameras with base, one monitor (3.5’’ color screen)

In overall, design of Motorola mbp43 is nice. Two cameras with pan, tilt and zoom is placed on base unit for durable and solid feeling. 3.5’’ color screen is designed with function button in two sides which is very easy to operate with both hands.

This Motorola mbp43 baby monitor is quite light with average screen which help us easy to hold in hand. Simple design with basic function also lets us find it easy to use.

  • Power adapter and rechargeable battery pack for parent unit, power adapter for each camera

This monitor is portable so you can you battery mode or plug in mode. Manufacture also provides rechargeable pack for you to easily recharge your battery. Both cameras have power adapter, so take note to place it near an outlet.

Power adapter can be used for Motorola MBP26, MBP33, MBP33P, MBP35, MBP36, MBP41, MBP42 and so on, so if you had used one of these above models, keep the power adapter to replace if necessary. Separate price of this power adapter in Amazon is about 10$.

  • 1 year for product and 90 days for accessories

Motorola warrants 1 year and 90 days from the date of the products (accessories) original purchase by the first consumer. The products and accessories must be free from any abuse and misuse.

The customer care service of Motorola is nice and helpful. So you can contact them and ask for supports whenever you want by making phone call or via their website.

Special Features
  • 2 cameras with Pan, Zoom and Tilt from the parent unit

With this remote pan, tilt and zoom function, parent can easily to change view angle or clearly watch what baby is doing. This camera can be placed in two different rooms and parent can switch between each camera or put it in scan mode, which cycles between cameras is only 10 seconds or so. This function is very useful for families who have two children in different rooms or for parents who need to monitor their babies in different views.

  • Close system with 2.4 Ghz FHSS wireless technology with excellent range up to 590 feet

You can keep peace of mind on issue of security because this monitor doesn’t stream videos on internet. However, with today technology, a smart Wi Fi baby monitor which streams videos on internet and allows multi-users is not a bad choice. If you want to try one, iBaby monitor M6 will be a suggestion.

  • Fair battery life and rechargeable battery

Portable power source brings convenient; besides, this smart baby monitor also saves the battery by choosing suitable mode. Video will be constant when you plug it in to an outlet and the screen will be turned off after a few seconds if you are using battery only. You can turn on video by pushing a button and during the screen-off time, you still hear audio.

  • Lullabies, infrared night vision, talk back, temperature indication and so on.
My rating points 9/10

I believe that with information above, you understand why I rate this Motorola MBP43 video baby monitor 9/10 points. It brings us many nice features. But I minus it 1 point because of its high price and fair battery. However, this baby monitor has two cameras which can be set up in two different rooms so this price is not expensive, just high.  

Price  Picture 1

What customers are saying?

Most customers who wrote reviews on this Motorola mbp43 baby monitor gave their praise for design, quality of video and convenience of this model. After reading many comments on Customer Reviews category on Amazon, I have some opinions. Firstly, beside two separate cameras design, the quality of video and image of this baby monitor is the most significant. This baby monitor with camera and night vision keeps your baby in your eyes, even when the light is weak or at night. Moreover, people also find it easy to use when they can move camera from side to side to look around the room.

Some people find that temperature or lullabies function are very useful but some others say that lullabies feature should be improved or eliminated; I think it is due to a few number of lullabies (only 5) and it’s not enough. Some critical comments claimed that the audio of this Motorola mbp43 does not work well. However, they also received another one for change (that’s free) from Motorola and all of them found that Motorola Customer Service is excellent.

Each one always remains strong and weak points so it’s easy to understand the praise and critical comments as above, however, if you find the strong points of this Motorola mbp43 is suitable for you, you have two children in different rooms for example, you should choose this one because it is equipped with two cameras and can be auto switch screen.

For further reviews from customers about Motorola MBP43 video baby monitor, you can read here:

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Pros and cons


  • Good quality of image and video, even in night vision
  • Portable and convenient with two cameras and rechargeable battery.
  • Smart alerts: you will receive alert from monitor when the battery runs low or the device is out of range.
  • Easy to change view angle with remote pan, tilt and zoom
  • Easy to adjust volume and microphone. High sensitivity microphone is a useful part which allows you to talk back to your baby when you need. It saves time more than you think; you do not need to keep moving from here to there to only say one word with your baby.
  • You can set up only one camera or 2 cameras for two rooms or in same room.


  • High price. But in my own opinion, it is not expensive with its outstanding functions and what it brings to your life and your baby. If you do not really need two cameras baby monitor and find another affordable one, you can choose one in our list of best baby monitor under 100$.
  • Fair battery life: its battery is not very excellent but you can recharge it. If you want to watch constant video you can plug it in to outlet.


In bottom line, I think that we can consider Motorola MBP43 as best baby monitor for two rooms or best video monitors for twins. The first advantage and convenience you receive from this monitor is that you do not need to invest in two baby monitors and keep two screens on your hands to see what your babies are doing. Compare with purchasing two separate baby monitors, this Motorola mbp43 seems to more worthwhile than you think.

If you have only one child but still need some features like Motorola mbp43, you can try Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor. This is an excellent one comes from Infant Optics brand. Instead of using two cameras and switching between each camera. With this function, DXR-8 allows you to change lens (normal lens for normal view, wide lens for panoramic view and zoom lens for close view). Moreover, this DXR-8 also uses close system (non Wi Fi) and supports night vision with smart alerts and temperature indicator. You can find more detail about this model in our Infant Optics DXR-8 review.

For those who need a smart Wi Fi baby monitor for multi-users, you can consider iBaby monitor M6. With very nice design and excellent features of lullabies and music play as well as high quality video and image, all in affordable price around 140$, it is very great choice for you.

Come back with our Motorola mbp43 review, once again, if you have twins or need to monitor your child from different views, this is the most suitable one for you which brings clear images and nice features. In that price range and what it brings, I think it not expensive as we think.

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Thank for reading! Hope that this Motorola MBP43 review gives you useful information. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below, we will check and answer.

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