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I have made a post to talk about Dropcam baby monitor which offers only two models of baby monitor but both of them are very impressive. Today, I will continue with a post about Nest baby monitor. Many people may not know that Nest is parent company of Dropcam, this is also the reason why models from these two brands have some similar points. As you know, both Dropcam and Nest baby monitor are known as famous brand in security camera and Thermostat rather than baby care products. However, cameras of Nest are often chosen to be baby monitor which still remains advantages of a security camera and very useful in monitoring baby.

Today, I will have reviews for two models of Nest baby monitor: nest cam indoor security camera and nest cam outdoor security camera and an offer from nest baby monitor with three packs of indoor security camera for saving option.

About Nest baby monitor

Nest Labs is a home automation producer of programmable, self-learning, sensor-driven, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, smoke detectors, and other security systems. Nest lab was founded in 2010 by former Apple engineers Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers. It introduced the Nest Learning Thermostat in 2011 as its first product. The Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector was then introduced in October 2013. In June 2014, Nest acquired Dropcam, maker of the Dropcam security camera.

On term of security camera, in June 2015, Nest announced the Nest Cam, an upgraded and rebranded security camera based on the Dropcam. Features are a 1080p video resolution, a rotating, magnetic stand, night vision, two-way talk, sound and motion alerts and optional Nest Aware cloud services for an additional fee. It was renamed Nest Cam Indoor following the announcement of the Nest Cam Outdoor in July 2016.

Both Nestcam Indoor and Outdoor provide high quality video solution and good design; night vision and speak-listen function are also plus points to be a good Nest baby monitor. Be a wifi monitor, allowing people to monitor their home, their baby, elderly and even pets from anywhere they are, the price of this Nest baby monitor is also suitable. Let’s see the detail reviews of Nest baby monitor below

Detail review for Nest baby monitor

Nest cam indoor

Nest cam indoor was launched in 2015. This camera helps you to check whether everything is OK at home or not. You can check the video streaming on your phone anywhere you are. In term of baby monitor, this Nest cam indoor is also suitable to become a wifi baby monitor that you can constantly check your baby even when you are far from home. Moreover, this baby monitor has wide angle view (130 degree) with 1080p HD video resolution will be the most remarkable points for a baby monitor while other baby monitors rarely provide Full HD video like this.

This nest baby monitor also provides day and night vision with smart alert system and snapshots function which allows you to capture cute moments of your baby. Nest Cam has a built-in speaker and microphone, and lets you talk and listen through the app. Speak up to get someone’s attention, or tell the dog to get off the couch or to soothe your baby who is in tough time.

Its pros and cons:


  • Very easy to set up

Nest baby monitor a sleek design, with a smooth, cool-gray metal stand supporting a glossy black camera eye. The package includes wall mounting plate which is very easy to mount on wall without purchasing any other devices.

Start guide and video on website gives users very detail guideline for setting up and using this Nest baby monitor. I can do it by myself without supporting from husband while I am a person who is not good at all in this issue.

I just place it on wall, near the crib of my son (because this Nest baby monitor has wide angle view, so there is no problem to place it near your baby. You still see everything by change view); then I connect with Wi Fi and watch video via free Nest App. If you only use it at home, connect via Bluetooth is good idea.

A note for you is that your wifi should be at least 2 Mbps upload speed and make sure that your phone supports 1080p video resolution.

  • Sharp image detail and high resolution video

One of the major pluses of the Nest Cam is its crisp 1080p streaming video. Coupled with the camera’s wide-angle lens and 8x zoom, the picture quality is very excellent. Its quality of image is very excellent both day and night without any grain points even when the room turns darker.

  • Excellent digital zoom

Although this Nest baby monitor just offers digital zoom, this zoom function still works excellent. If you are looking for a baby monitor with optical zoom function, Infant Optics DXR-8 will be your best choice.

  • Works with other nest devices

Another unique feature is the camera’s compatibility with other Nest devices. If you own Nest’s Learning Thermostat and set it to “away,” the Nest Cam will automatically turn on. With the Nest Protect carbon-monoxide-and-fire detector, if smoke is sensed in the home, Nest Cam will automatically record a clip to capture the events and help you figure out what happened.


  • Pricey cloud storage
  • Runs hot

Nest baby monitor indoor often runs hot during it works. However, it is not disturb me much because I rarely touch it.

This Nest cam Indoor is similar Dropcam Pro but it has a little cheaper price with nice features. I think it completes well the role of both security camera and baby monitor. Although it still remains some weakness, however nothing is perfect so let’s consider the strong and weak point and calculate it in comparison with your demand and what it brings to you.

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Nest cam indoor 3 pack option

If you have a growing family with many rooms and you want to monitor different places, there are some models of baby monitor with 2 cameras for you to consider in the market. These cameras can be expandable up to 4 or more than 4 cameras. You can consider some models coming from Motorola baby monitor like Motorola MBP43-2 or MBP25-2.

However, if you prefer design and performance of Nest baby monitor, a package including 3 Nestcam indoor will be a great option for you. It helps you to save much money rather than separately buying one piece.

This option will be very suitable for families with many rooms or need to monitor different places.

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Nest cam outdoor

Nest cam outdoor still remains some points like nest cam indoor such as:

24/7 live video with 130° wide-angle view and all-glass lens let you look after home in crisp 1080p HD, day and night for comprehensive monitoring and comfort for users;

Alerts and snapshots which sends a phone alert or email with a photo of the event when Nest Cam Outdoor detects activity; with this, you will never miss anything even when you don’t keep looking at the screen

Talkie-walkie device with this Nest cam outdoor by built-in speaker and microphone.

However, this camera is designed to set up and monitor outdoor, therefore it has weatherproof design with cable and adapter resist rain or shine; so you can leave it out in the rain.

Pros and cons:

  • Easy to set up

Like Nest cam indoor, this Nest baby monitor outdoor is very easy to set up. The Nest Cam Outdoor is super-easy to self-install for most people. Rather than having to be hard-wired into an electrical circuit, the Nest Cam Outdoor comes with a waterproof power supply composed of two parts. There’s a junction box hard-wired to a three-pin plug, and the camera has a captive weatherproofed USB cable that connects to the junction box.

  • High quality of video resolution

Although the Nest Cam Outdoor can record at 1080p, it defaults to 720p. You can manually force the camera into 1080p mode, although you get a warning telling you that the camera may get warm and that it will use more bandwidth.

Image quality is excellent. In daylight, the picture is sharp, and faces can clearly be seen. Some detail is blurred out in uniform areas, such as grass, but the important information is kept.

At night when it gets dark, the camera switches to IR mode and the quality of video is still excellent.

  • Scheduling

You can also schedule the camera to turn on and off. With this, I feel like that I have full controlled right with it and the fact is that

  • Wide angle glass lens

For a security cam outdoor, this is one of the most important factors. With a wide-angle glass lens, you can easily in monitoring the whole garden or yard.


  • High price

In comparison with average price range of baby monitor, Nest cam outdoor has high price. However, I think it is value for money with what it brings to me. Its performance is excellent and I have totally peace of mind.

In conclusion, I think this is one the best security baby monitors which you can choose and use it as a baby monitor. This Nest baby monitor will be more suitable for those who have toddlers who often run around.

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I have made a review about Nest baby monitor. Although both of them are in high price but they are really high-end baby monitor with excellent video and sound quality as well as outstanding features. You can combine both indoor and outdoor Nest baby monitor. It will be the most useful tool in case you have yard or garden and your children often play there. A combo of Nest baby monitor indoor and outdoor will be the powerful tool for you to keep an eye to everything your children do.

If you are looking for similar wifi baby monitor, you should refer to iBaby monitor which is in same price range but owns with many nice features for baby like built-in lullabies. However, if you do not need a wifi baby monitor and want to save money, you can find a video baby monitor in affordable price like Levana baby monitor.

Thank you to spending time here. If you want further advice for choosing a suitable baby monitor, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.


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