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Hi there, today I come with a topic about VTech baby monitor reviews. If you follow my posts, you may see I’ve mentioned to this brand sometimes in other topics. Especially, in best audio baby monitor, there are some models of this brand chosen to be the best audio baby monitor with D.E.C.T technology. So today, I want to talk more about this brand with 5 models to make VTech baby monitor reviews for you to have more information about this brand.

5 models in this VTech baby monitor reviews today include both audio and video baby monitor. They are one of the best baby monitor of this brand, which offer people several features that suit for certain family. Anyway, baby monitor was invented to ensure baby safe and sound and keep parents peace of mind. Therefore, the matter here is that what is the best baby monitor and how to choose the best one (best means most suitable). So let’s scroll down and see each model and find the most suitable one for your family.

About the brand

First of all, I want to credit their mission: “At VTech, we live by the words “innovation beyond technology.” Our mission is to be the most cost-effective designer and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality consumer electronics products and to distribute them to markets worldwide in the most efficient manner possible”.

About its history, VTech was established in Hong Kong in 1976. With a long history of development, VTech today is not only famous in Hong Kong but also in many other countries. They are famous for phones, baby care products, doorbell phones, wireless monitoring system and some other technology products.

Why you should choose VTech? If you are considering a product of VTech, you should choose it for some reasons:

  • Quality comes first
  • Your Input Matters
  • If it’s Not Eco-Friendly, It’s Not VTech

VTech baby monitor reviews – Product Features


VTech DM111

VTech is famous brand in baby care products. They manufacture audio, video and Wi Fi baby monitors with various choices for you. DM111 is one featured audio baby monitor of this brand.

When open the box, I see simple parts like it should be: a baby unit with power cord, a parent unit with power cord and a user’s manual. The base unit cannot be used with battery and you have to plug it into an outlet. But the parent unit can be used with AAA batteries or plugged into an outlet.

Now, I list out some pros and cons of this VTech DM111


  • Attractive price

Some people say that when you want to try an audio baby monitor, they may choose DM111 because of its attractive price. For a basic function audio baby monitor like this model, VTech really offers an amazing price. So if you want to save money but still ensure safe and sound of your baby, this one should be definitely your choice.

  • Perform well

In this attractive price range, around 20$, VTech DM111 really works well. The range is good (around 1000ft) and clear sound. I can hear clear what is going on even when I am in down-stair and I place the base unit in up stair.

Moreover, when the surrounding is noise, I can increase the volume to clearly hear the sounds, and decrease again if I want. Another remarkable point I really appreciate is that LED sound indicator with 5 levels. When I have to mute the monitor unit, this function is really helpful. I can visually monitor the level of sound in baby room.

  • Compact and portable

This best audio baby monitor is very compact with only 1 pound in weight. Moreover, I really like the belt clip which lets me easily move around home.


  • Not very long lasting battery

The only one thing I don’t like about this is not very long lasting battery. Manufacturer says that battery life can be up to 20 hours but in actual, it just last around 13 hours. However, AAA battery is cheap and easy to buy so you don’t need to worry about this. Moreover, you can plug it into outlet, so there is nothing terrible with battery issue.

In conclusion, when talking about this VTech DM111, I just use three words: compact, affordable and work well to describe about it. With how many I have pay for it and what I receive from it make me so amazing. Moreover, this VTech baby monitor is also one of best cheap baby monitor.

This model VTech DM111 has another style called DM111-2. This offers two separate parent units. This style will be helpful when your partner also wants to have his/her own device to “double” monitor your baby.

Picture 1


VTech VM321

VTech is a famous brand for its quality of audio with advanced technology such as DECT. This brand has launched several best audio baby monitor such as VTech DM111 or DM221. However, the model I would like to mention today is a video baby monitor with excellent range up to 1000 ft. – VM321.

In overall, this one of the best long range baby monitors provides basic features but you still have peace of mind with it in ensuring your baby safe and sound.

Its pros and cons:


  • Attractive price

With the price range under 100$, this is one of best long range baby monitors with cheap price. This is also one of best baby monitor under $100 in the market.

  • Good quality of audio and night vision

Although this one has cheap price, its quality of audio is really good thanks to D.E.C.T 6.0 technology which eliminates background noise and prevents interference. With this, you will hear only sounds from your baby. Moreover, D.E.C.T 6.0 also contributes to transmit a secure, encrypted signal so you can rest assured you’re the only one who can hear your baby.

Moreover, I highly evaluate its night vision image. I can see clearly my baby even when the room is dark.

  • Simple and easy to use

This baby monitor provides some basic and specialized features of a baby monitor: two-way communication, lullabies playing (5 built-in songs) temperature monitoring. Everything is simple and easy to use.

  • Expandable up to 4 cameras

You can add more cameras (sold separately) if you need. I like split-screen function of this baby monitor.

For other option, if you want to buy a baby monitor with 2 cameras, you can consider Motorola MBP43-2 or Motorola MBP25-2 with cheaper price.


  • The lights on cameras are annoying (in my own feeling)

Cannot hear the audio when split screen (when you add more cameras)

Picture 1


VTech DM221

Another model comes from VTech is DM221. This model seems like an upgraded of model DM111. There is no big change in design, still compact and simple with parent unit and base unit. So, are there any things special in this DM221? Let’s find out some advantages and disadvantages:


  • Attractive price

Like most of other audio baby monitor, DM221 also has affordable price that many parents can afford for it, even when they have low income or do not want to pay much for this.

  • Work well

VTech DM221 is added with many advanced features in comparison with previous model DM111. One of that, DECT 6.0 technology is very helpful in reducing interference sounds in baby room. So parent will hear baby’s sound clearly. Moreover, 1000 ft. range is really impressive. You can walk around home, and still hear your baby.

  • Convenient

One more thing brings further comfort and convenience to me is two-way communication function of this DM221 while DM111 doesn’t have. When I hear my baby is in touch time by DM111, I have to go to baby room but for DM221, I can talk back to my child to calm his down.

5-level sound indicator also helps me much in monitor sounds in baby’s room, especially when I put parent unit in mute.

  • Portable

Manufacturer says that parent unit can last for about 19 hours with battery using but in fact it can last about 15 hours in constantly using. However, this battery can be rechargeable or can be replaced by AAA batteries so you should store some AAA batteries.

One more thing, this DM221 is also equipped with belt clip which allows people to bring it around; and nightlight which help people to realize the monitor when the lights go out.


  • Battery needs charged all day to have full battery life
  • You cannot turn of the nightlight when you want

Sometimes, I find this nightlight disturb. But I cannot turn it off. However, I think it is not big problem because this light from it is light.

Picture 1


VTech VM344

One more model comes from VTech brand is VM344. This is a combination between sounds – video and motion baby monitor which offers people full peace of mind with comprehensive monitoring. Its pros and cons:


  • Nice design with large screen

This baby monitor has special design. Baby unit is an owl-shaped camera which is very cute and suitable for baby product.  4.3 inch color LCD screen with function buttons two sides makes it become mix-match.

  • Simple and peace of mind:

VM344 is combination among a sound monitor, video monitor and motion monitor so you will miss nothing from your baby. Its functions are also simple and easy to use.

  • Expandable cameras


  • Short battery life.

I don’t know why manufacturer says that it can last for 20 hours. While in fact, I just last for about 6 hours. It cannot last entire night so I think you should plug it into an outlet before you go to bed. It will be most convenient if you have an outlet near your bed.  

Picture 1


VM343 baby monitor is a long range baby monitor with range up to 1000 ft. – really impressive. This baby monitor helps you to watch as your toddler moves about with the pan/tilt function and automatic night vision. This video baby monitor features digital transmission, making your videos private and secure while cutting down on room background noise. The VTech Safe and Sound VM343 Expandable Digital Video Baby Monitor with Pan and Tilt Camera and Automatic Night Vision expands up to eight total cameras so you can keep an eye on more than one child or room at the same time.

Of course, it not perfect. So let’s see its pros and cons:


  • Brilliant screen on handheld viewer

Thanks to its large 4.3’’ color LCD screen, the images are really clear and vibrant.

  • Clear resolution in all conditions

VM343 is one of the monitors that offer best night vision video quality. I can see everything clearly, even in low light level without no grainy.


  • Short battery life

In fact, this battery just lasts for about 4 – 6 hours.

Picture 1



Above, I make some reviews and compare baby monitors of some models from VTech. These 5 models have different price range and offer different features; therefore, each one will be suit for each family. For example, VTech DM111 and DM221 are best baby monitor under 100$ and they are audio baby monitor only; so it will be suitable for those who don’t want to spend so much money on this and need a simple baby monitor. VTech VM344 and VM343 offer advanced technology features but have higher cost, so it will suit for those who want to experience high technology with further comfort and peace of mind.

I would like to end here and I will continue other posts with topics about nest baby monitor and snug baby monitor in next post. Thank you so much for keep reading my posts.


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