What is the best baby monitor?

Baby monitors are recently launched in market with various choices bring with them many benefits in taking care of your baby and make your life become more convenient. However, among various options of this type of product, what is the best baby monitor? And, how to choose the best baby monitor? These issue become real challenges for any parents. Baby sound monitors, baby video monitors, baby motion monitors or monitors with temperature sensors or dual-parent receivers, which one should you choose? It seems to have many options for you. Gone to a day that you suddenly want to invest in a baby monitor for your dear baby. Then you go to a store and choose one among hundreds of product on the shelves to find what is the best baby monitor; I bet you that you will be confused.

To make your search for best baby monitor just a little simpler, let’s take a little bit of time to find out great features of a best baby monitor. From that, you can know how to choose the best baby monitor.

what is the best baby monitor

What is a baby monitor?

You hear much about baby monitors from people, other parents or on social network. So what exactly a baby monitor is? Let’s find the answer. Basically, a baby monitor which also called as a baby alarm. This is a device which has function as its name – to monitor your babies. And even if they are in separate room or when you are in office, you can monitor them. In other words, baby monitor is system that receive and transfer sounds or both sounds and videos of children to you.

On the very first time baby monitors invented, they just only recorded sound without any video footage. But with the strong development of technology, baby monitors nowadays are added with many outstanding and modern features such as: record video or provide temperature of your children’s room and so on.

A baby monitor has its transmitter device with a microphone or/and camera is placed in the room of your infant, usually near your baby, such as in bed-side or crib side. Another device, receiver; the parents, or the baby sister or anyone who want to monitor the baby or is taking care of them will hold this device. With a baby monitor, you can follow and keep track of your babies for a peace of mind when you are doing something else in the next room or when you don’t want to constantly check you babies and wake them up. For any reasons and purposes, a baby monitor is a helpful device for parents.

What is the best baby monitor?

When you search for the best baby monitor, which criteria do you base on? If you are now confuse about this, let’s answer some below question to find out what is the best baby monitor for you? The followings are common concerns of parents when they choose and buy baby monitor:

  • Should I buy a baby monitor?

Honestly, should or shouldn’t you buy a baby monitor mostly depends on your motive behind the purchase and your affordability. Some parents feel that they don’t need baby monitor as they have baby sister to take care of their babies. However, even when you have baby sister to stay with your babies all day, we are not sure that you can work productively in office if you do not know what your children is doing or what your baby sister is doing with you babies. Moreover, baby monitors provide you peace of mind and convenience without any negative effects on your children.

So, if you can afford for a baby monitor, you should buy one. Or even when you have to pay for many think and you have to save money, you also have choice with some best cheap baby monitors. I have an article compare baby monitors in some categories such as: best baby monitors (best sellers on Amazon), best baby monitor under $100, best wifi baby monitor, best audio baby monitor, and baby monitor with 2 cameras and so on. You can find information on this to choose the right one for your family.

  • How many types of baby monitors?

There are several types of baby monitors; for each category, you can find what the best baby monitor is? Basically, we divide baby monitors into three types: baby sound monitors, baby video monitors and baby motion monitors.

The first type, baby sound monitor, is the most commonly bought by parents. This baby monitor pick up sounds around baby and in baby’s room then transmit them to the receiver carried by parents. This device allows parents to hear sounds of baby when crying or sounds when baby wakes up. If the noise exceeds the preset limit, parents will receive the alarm from device.

The second type that video monitor will provide parents extra comfort from seeing what baby is doing. This device picks up and transmits both sounds and videos by equipped microphone and camera to receiver. With this type of baby monitor, you can watch your babies from preset smartphone or computer. Because this type of baby monitor can stream video to internet, you can watch video from any computer with internet connection.

The third type, baby motion monitor, is a little bit different from two above. Instead of only transmitting baby’s sound and movement, these types of best Wi-Fi baby monitor uses a sensor to detect baby’s moves. This sensor is usually placed under the mattress of baby’s bed or crib. When baby doesn’t move in a certain time, an alarm will be sent to the receiver. Some models can be integrated with sound and video monitor.

  • How much do I need to pay for a baby monitor?

As we talked above, there are several models of baby monitors in various ranges of price. You can base on your motive behind your purchase as well as your finance ability to choose a suitable one. If you just need a common type of baby monitor for only one child, you can search for a best baby monitor under $100. An expensive, feature-packed baby monitor doesn’t mean that it will be the best for you.

  • I have twins or two children, what should I buy?

If you have a growing family, a best baby monitor for two rooms is a great idea for you. For example, your family has twins or two children in different room. This type of baby monitor often has larger and spit-screen technology. This function helps you easily keep track on you two babies. Commonly, it still keeps features like other baby monitors that picks up sounds, record videos and transmit them to receiver or uses sensor to detect moves of your babies. So if you are looking for a best baby monitor and you have two children, let’s consider this option.

  • My house is really small, do I need a baby monitor?

Some households have really small house with only two or three small rooms, parents or baby sisters can hear any cries or moves of their babies through an open door or in short distance. But even so, there are many reasons for you to own a baby monitor.

For example, you have some friends to visit your home, and you want to shut the nursery door to prevent noise from waking your child up; gardening, cooking or laundry will take you outside for a while; your babies many suffer from cat or dog, so you have to shut the door; or even when you open the door, sometimes you aren’t sure about your child then you constantly check her and wake her up, oh no, I think you don’t want. In these and many other cases, baby monitor will be a big help. With not really big investment, you can make it easier in monitor you baby.

Of course, you may not need baby monitor in some case. For example, your house is really small or you have babysitter all day. But as I said, you may not have peace of mind even when you have babysitter. So, let’s think more about this before buy a baby monitor.

  • I often travel for business, do I need a baby monitor?

If you are back to work from maternity leave, it’s more necessary for you to own a baby monitor. This is still important even when you have a babysitter. When you work in office or are in abroad for a business trip, you will be more productive and calm down if you know what exactly your baby is doing. In that case, you should choose some best baby monitor for iPhone if you use IOS. And, of course, this baby monitor must have feature of streaming video to internet. This feature makes you easier in watching video of your baby from any smartphone or computer with internet connection. Nowadays, smart Wi-Fi baby monitors with feature of video streaming support app in various operation system foundation such as: android, IOS or window. So you can choose the most suitable one for you.

  • What make a baby monitor become the best one? How to choose the best baby monitor?

Whether it’s cheap or expensive baby monitor, with simple or complex features, the answer for question what is the best baby monitor should base on some important factors as:

Signal: you should carefully test signal of baby monitor because this is the most important factor of each baby monitor. A clear and stable signal baby monitor will be a useful one, of course.

Range: this factor indicates how far you can travel with the parent unit and still receive an accurate signal. As we mentioned above, if you work in office or travel abroad, you should choose a baby monitor with feature of streaming video to the internet. So, depend on your demand, you can choose suitable range of baby monitor.

In conclusion, investment in a baby monitor is a smart investment for any family with infants or even elderly. Although in some case, you think that you do not really need a baby monitor. Our advice for you is to consider your motive behind purchasing and what you desire in a monitor. Then you should consider some criteria: specification, design, price range and performance of the monitor. Reading reviews of other people who used the monitor will be a great idea for you. This help you in deciding what is the best baby monitor? Hope that our above opinions will be useful for you to know how to choose the best baby monitor.



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