An In-depth iBaby Monitor M6 Review

Modern technology which has exploded in recent years has brought with it many new and effective ways to control and improve our life. One of the most effective ways that cannot help but mention it is baby monitor. People says that parenting is never easy, so baby monitor was invented as one way to make it become easier, at least in monitoring you little ones when you are not in the same room or stay close with your children. Among hundreds of options in the market, iBaby Monitor M6 seems to be a great choice for you. To help you understand more about this model, we provide here iBaby Monitor M6 Review

iBaby Monitor M6 is considered as value for money model with reasonable price (around 200$) while provides high quality and outstanding features. To be awarded “Gold Award Winner” by National Parenting Awards, iBaby Monitor M6 deserves to be the device to own.

If you are new parents or even you have experience in taking care of babies, you have one baby or two babies in same room and you are looking for a digital video camera with excellent pan and tilt, iBaby Monitor M6 is your answer!

Overview about iBaby Monitor M6

In this iBaby Monitor M6 review, I mention to three separate models with some different and upgraded points: iBaby Monitor M6, iBaby Monitor M6T, iBaby Monitor M6S.

iBaby monitor is a leading brand in family care technology, especially baby monitor. Brand iBaby was established in 2011 with various types of product. You can find many types of family care as well as baby care products in over 640 retail stores of iBaby in 35 countries. iBaby monitor M6 is one of outstanding products coming from this brand which changes traditional way of child monitoring. For those who are looking for a baby monitor that support Wifi function and video streaming, iBaby monitor is an ideal choice. However, you may not need WiFi baby monitor in all situation, so let’s read our iBaby Monitor M6 review here for detail information and evaluation before making purchase.

Comparison table on iBaby Monitor M6 Review

Each model of iBaby Monitor M6 has its own features, however, you can summarize its

Criteria iBaby Monitor M6S iBaby Monitor M6T iBaby Monitor M6
 Image  Best Baby Monitor  Best video baby monitor  ibaby M6
Weight / Dimensions / Design 2.1 pounds

7 x 7 x 7 inches

2.1 pounds

6.7 x 6.7 x 6.7 inches

2.2 pounds

7 x 7 x 7 inches

Accessories What is in the box?

  • iBaby Monitor M6S
  • Monitor Base with Sensors
  • Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
What is in the box?

  • iBaby Monitor M6T
  • Monitor Base with Sensors
  • Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide.
What is in the box?

  • iBaby Monitor M6
  • Monitor Base
  • Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
Warranty  1 year   1 year   1 year
Video Resolution 1080p Full HD 720p HD 720p HD
Temperature and humidity indication
Air quality sensor
Band router support 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz
Sound and motion alerts
Night vision and speaker
Pan and tilt 360º H, 110º V 360º H, 110º V 360º H, 110º V
Lullabies and voice record
Free app for Android and IOS Compatible with iPhone 5+, iPad, Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, Nexus, and most common other Android phones Compatible with iPhone 5+, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, Nexus, and most common other Android phones. Compatible with iPhone 5+, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, Nexus, and most common other Android phones.

Detail iBaby Monitor M6 Review

I above list out some main criteria to make compare baby monitors among models of iBaby M6. From above comparison table, we can see that two models iBaby Monitor M6S and iBaby Monitor M6T still keep the outstanding feature of original version iBaby Monitor M6 as: sound and motion alerts with night vision and speakers, lullabies playing and voice recording, and so on. Some other points are upgraded and added to meet the demand of customers and ensure safe of your dear babies such as: air quality, temperature and humidity sensor or images’ quality. These above are only the very brief overview of three model. Now, to find out more about outstanding features and define which one you will choose, scroll down to read more about three models of iBaby Monitor M6 review:

iBaby Monitor M6 review

ibaby M6

This model transmits you images of your babies in crystal clear HD day or night with resolution of 720p HD. Another outstanding feature of this iBaby Monitor M6 is to allow you play soothing music or lullabies to keep your babies calm if she cries or is in tough time.

In that price range, iBaby Monitor M6 doesn’t have all possible feature, but it does have a bunch of great functions that suit just about everyone. Followings are its remarkable points and its pros and cons:


  • Good and clear video quality

720HD resolution video quality brings clear images to parent. When tested this one, I used an iPhone 6 to set up app and I see it very clearly from screen of this iPhone. It’s same when I used app on Samsung Note 5.

  • Nice and compact design with white color and eye-catching

I appreciate the design of iBaby models because this brand often launches many baby monitors with nice design. This iBaby monitor is one of these. Unlike most of other baby monitor, iBaby just has baby unit which is as a bold ball placed on a base. Parent unit is app installed on smartphone or compatible devices. White color brings me fresh feeling.

With only 2.2 pounds of weight and dimension of 7x7x7 inches, it’s very convenient, portable and tremendously easy to install and set up.

  • Convenient

Some of its nice features like remote pan and tilt for maximum area coverage, 2-way communication bring you further comfort and convenient. You just sit there, remotely pan and tilt to scan the room or zoom to see everything clearly. Moreover, you can talk to your baby to calm his down by your voice without running to nursery room when you are in office or in different room in house.

Moreover, I like the function of music playing and voice recording. I can soothe my baby by lullabies. In addition, when I am on business trip, I will record bed time stories to soothe my baby to sleep. It’s very helpful when I cannot talk to my child. He immediately calms down when hear my familiar voice.


  • Cannot mount wall by itself

This iBaby Monitor M6 cannot mount wall by itself; this is a pity, however, there is another good new that we can use support device call iBaby Wall Mount if you want place it on the wall. But, with 360 degree pan and 100 degree tilt, it’s enough for monitoring your babies, so wall mount device only should be an option for which family really needs.

Picture 1

iBaby Monitor M6T review

ibaby M6

Without no change in overall design in comparison with iBaby Monitor M6, model iBaby Monitor M6T has some features and seems to be an upgraded version of model M6. iBaby Monitor M6T still has unisex and nice design. It includes monitor base and the camera unit as a bold, bulbous ball which is really impressed. As manufacturer says, iBaby Monitor M6T brings you both fun and peace of mind, you can stay calm and work if you can check and watch the images of you babies in high definition, even at night with LEDs night vision.


  • Nice features and functions

This iBaby M6T still remains nice features like M6 such as:720HD resolution video quality for clear images, remote pan, tilt and zoom, talk back function, lullabies and voice recording which bring peace of mind to parents.

  • Added with new advanced features

One of the new changed point of M6T is temperature and humidity sensor. This provides you information of temperature and humidity in baby’s room.

It’s not exaggerative to say that this all-in-one iBaby Monitor is one that every parent should have to ensure safety of babies and help parents to have a peace of mind.


  • iBaby M6T also cannot mount on wall by itself.

The bottom line is that, the biggest different between M6 and M6T is temperature and humidity sensor. Both of them have snap connectivity, high resolution video. Moreover, it’s easy to record video or your voice and send these medias and so on.

Picture 1

iBaby Monitor M6S review

ibaby M6

If there is no big change from M6 to M6T, iBaby Monitor M6S is really a big leap. Remain design with monitor base and ball-shape camera, its appearance seem not to be changed anything. But its system is upgraded with many excellent points. Night vision, two-way speakers, play lullaby, 360 view, free cloud and for iOS & android seem to be very similar; so what make it different? Let’s see:


  • 1080p HD video resolution

This is the first one we should mention to, if M6T and M6 model only provide HD video, this iBaby Monitor review provide full HD video for parents, baby sister or any users to watch crystal, clear images and videos even at night or in dark light. When I am watching video transmitting from M6T, then change to M6S and use the same iPhone to install app, it’s really amazing.

  • Double convenient

It brings more convenient when support dual routers 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. So I can flexibly choose and change to suitable frequency.

Moreover, iBaby M6S has air quality sensor while M6 and M6T don’t have. Sometimes, my baby cries at night because the temperature is too hot. So it is helps me so much in keeping track the environment in baby’s room.

Picture 1


These above are some my reviews on three models of iBaby: M6, M6T and M6S. Overall, these three best wifi baby monitor models satisfies me. They provide advanced technology features to ensure the safety of children and bring peace of mind to parent. Moreover, you can share video with your partners because these iBaby M6 baby monitors allow unlimited access by inviting via email.

What customers are saying

Among these three baby monitors, iBaby M6S seems to be the monitor parents often choose. After considering hundreds review of customers on Amazon, with 40% of five stars, iBaby Monitor M6S is evaluated as a value-for-money model. Read more reviews below:

[scrapeazon asin=”B01DQID38I ” width=”700″ height=”400″ border=”false” country=”us”]

Most of customers who rated 5 stars were satisfied with some following features of iBaby Monitor M6S as followings:

  • beautiful and cute design
  • wide moving coverage with smooth video and real colors
  • good quality of speaker and adjustable volume,
  • good night lights
  • lullabies and music playing
  • smart alerts, multi users and so on

Some customers even bought this monitor to watch over their elderly parents.

There are some customers, of course, who are not satisfied with this iBaby Monitor M6S model. Some customers found that they cannot connect network at first. However, they tried some time and then it can work well. Moreover, some people complain that this iBaby cannot be mounted on the wall. But we think that this is not a big problem because we can use added device when we really need to place it on wall.


In bottom line, we evaluate this iBaby Monitor M6S is very value for money. You can experience all the necessary features of a baby monitor. You can ensure safety of your babies by smart alerts, smooth operation with high quality images and sounds, lullabies library to keep babies calm and many other extra features. All in a right price, iBaby Monitor M6S should be a must-have for any parent. After testing, I think these baby monitors are suitable for those who are looking for a baby monitor with camera and night vision because they provide very clear image even when the lights go out. Moreover, people who often travel for business or often away from home also should own one of these baby monitors to have peace of mind.

However, if you do not want to use a Wi Fi baby monitor, you can find more suggestions in our selection: best video baby monitor or best baby monitor 2017.

Thank you for spending time here, hope that you will find the right one for you and your little one.


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