Motorola MBP33S Review

Have you ever wondered, “what is your baby doing when the lights out or when you are doing laundry or housework?” If you want to know, baby monitor will help you. Investment in a video baby monitor is not simple that you want to know what your baby is doing when you do not keep their in your eyes. This investment is also an effective way to keep your baby safe and sound. If you do not want to pay much or cannot afford for an expensive one, you should consider cheaper video baby monitor like Motorola MBP33S or some other best baby monitor under 100$. For you to understand more about functions of this video baby monitor, I give you here Motorola MBP33 reviews.

Brief on Motorola MBP33S Review

This Motorola MBP33S video baby monitor, a model from Motorola brand which is famous for many other model of baby monitors, has price range of around 100$, sometimes only 90$ when it’s in discounts of Amazon. With this affordable price range and nice features it brings, Motorola MBP33S was rated 3.5 out of 5 stars by customers who bought and had experience with it.

Motorola MBP33S

Motorola MBP33S is a wireless video baby monitor, without internet connection function, so it is suitable for parents who just need to use this monitor at home. This wireless video baby monitor enables you to always keep an eye on things and hear any sounds from baby’s room and keep connected with your baby with crystal clear two-way audio. Parents also keep peace of mind with remote zoom and infrared night vision of this baby monitor, which allows you to see clear what your baby is doing even in very low light levels. Split-Screen function is the most remarkable of Motorola MBP33S which helps you to use additional cameras.

Motorola MBP33S was launched with full of basic function of a video baby monitor in a suitable price range. So it’s suitable for parents who are looking for a wireless, compact, simple and affordable baby monitor.

Now, let’s read our detail review about this product:

Product features

  • Motorola

If you concern to technology products, you cannot skip to mention to this famous Motorola. In which, baby monitor is also a strong point of this brand.

Weight / Dimensions / Design
  • Compact design: 10 x 8.5 x 5 inches
  • Nice design

This Motorola MBP33S is designed with standard components including baby unit and parent unit. Parent unit is a 2.8 inches color LCD screen. This compact screen is very useful for parent to hold in hand and bring it around home.

Moreover, function buttons are equipped in two sides of screen. I see it very easy to operate with these buttons.

White color shows us simple feeling, its material and design show us feeling of easy to broken but it’s more durable than we thought. Flip out stand allows parents to place screen on table.

Accessories You will receive these following parts in box:

  • Parent Unit
  • Baby Unit
  • User’s Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack (For Parent Unit)
  • Power Adapter (For Parent Unit)
  • Power Adapter (For Baby Unit)
  • 1 year for product
  • 9 months for accessories.
Special Features
  • Room temperature display, remote zoom, volume control

You can customize all these features for most suitable with certain situation. You may think these are so common features, however, when use it, I find it is very helpful. I can sit in living room and monitor to make sure that temperature in baby room is not too cold or too hot.

Moreover, I can zoom in to see clearly what my baby is doing. All these things, you can remotely monitor. So it is very convenient.

  • Sound level LED indicator

This function is also helpful in case you have to turn off volume, such as you are recording something. LED indicator helps you in paying attention to monitor screen.

  • Infrared night vision allows you monitor your baby at night.

Baby monitor with camera and night vision helps us very much in monitoring baby when the lights go out. I think that video and image at night from this baby monitor is good, especially in this price range. You can see clearly your baby, even when you do not zoom in. The video will be automatically turned in black and white. But I find that there is no problem with black and white images.

  • 5 built-in lullabies to keep baby calm in his tough time

Nowadays, many baby monitors are equipped with lullabies features. In my Motorola mbp43 review, I also mention to this feature. However, in my own opinion, only 5 lullabies are few. So if you really need this function, I think you can consider some other baby monitor. You should read our Motorola baby monitor review for more ideas.

  • Smart alert system: alarm when low battery and out of range

Sometimes, I bring this compact baby monitor to walk around home, to do laundry or garden and do not pay attention to monitor. So this smart alert system helps me very much because sometimes, I walk so far and the monitor is out of range. With smart alert system, I can feel free about this; because it will send an alarm when battery runs low or device is out of range.

  • Spit-screen function

This is the most remarkable thing of this Motorola MBP33S video baby monitor as I said above. It can be expandable up to 4 cameras allowing you to keep an eye on the entire family in up to 4 rooms of your home.

Technical Details
  • Range: 590 ft

This is not very excellent range but acceptable.

  • Battery and portability: baby unit is not portable so you should have an outlet plug-in near it. But the parent unit is portable with rechargeable battery and this battery can last for about 3.5 hour. According my evaluation among several types of baby monitor to find best baby monitor 2017; battery of Motorola MBP33S is just fair.
My rating points 8.5/10

During my testing time, I have no big problem with this baby monitor. What I receive from it is equal to what I have to pay for it. Everything is in medium level.


 What customers are saying?

With these nice features, customers who used this are satisfied with Motorola MBP33S video baby monitor. Let’s see what they talk about it:

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Most of people who rated 5 stars for Motorola MBP33S baby monitor are satisfied with its quality of video and basic features like zoom, pan or smart alert system. In affordable price range around 100$ like this video baby monitor, it really does well its function with clear image and audio.

However, there is some problem with its short battery life, but I think it’s easy to understand that we cannot desire more in a quite cheap baby monitor with nice feature like that, its battery life is only 3.5 hours, so you should pay attention to re-charge.

Pros and Cons

I think, every single one has its strong and weak point. This Motorola MBP33S is not an exception. As my usual point of view, an expensive one is not the best one. Some family with low and medium income cannot afford for an expensive one. But it doesn’t mean that they cannot invest the best one for their baby. So, you should choose the most suitable one which is suitable for your finance capacity and demand. If you are considering one thing and see its disadvantages but it also has attractive price together with some nice features, instead of skipping it immediately, you should consider that you can overcome the disadvantages or not.

These following are its pros and cons, so let’s see whether it is suitable for you or not?


  • Easy to set up and use: this compact and simple baby monitor just need plug and play. Manual book also provides full of introduction. If have any troubleshoot, you can read on this book or contact with customer service of Motorola. I have contacted with Motorola staff, they were so nice and helpful.
  • Affordable price: I think Motorola really offers an attractive price for a baby monitor with nice features like that. There are many other types of baby monitor with different features in this price range, you can see in our post to compare baby monitors.
  • Basic features, ensuring the baby safety


  • Short battery life. If you stay home and have time to plug into an outlet power source. It is not a big problem. Like me, when I work at home, and place baby monitor in table, I often plug it in. So, my monitor is often in full battery.



I have shared with you some information and personal feeling as well as customers’ opinion summary about Motorola MBP33S, hope that this Motorola MBP33S review helps you much before you decide to buy it or not. In my own feeling and evaluation, this Motorola MBP33S is suitable for those who are looking for a basic and simple video baby monitor with good video quality and have low and medium income because of its attractive price.

In comparison with Motorola MBP43 (you can find more about it in our Motorola MBP43 Review), a product with same brand, Motorola MBP33S has split-screen function while MBP43 doesn’t have (You just switch between camera to see video in different places). However, if you want a wireless video baby monitor with same range and some same features like two-way communication, talk-back function or lullabies and so on, without purchasing separately cameras, you can choose MBP43.

So, you are wondering that if you have to work in office, so how to monitor your baby? A smart Wi Fi baby monitor with more advanced features than MBP33S is iBaby monitor M6T will be suitable for you in this situation.

Another problem, your house is large and you need a baby monitor with better range. A suggestion for you is Infant Optics baby monitor DXR-8 with range up to 700 feet.

These above are my suggestions for you. Depend on your demand and condition, you can choose the most suitable one for you.

The last thing I want to talk with you is that don’t hesitate to invest in a baby monitor because it provides you convenience and peace of mind.


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