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When you first get pregnant, there are so many things on your list of “must haves” and “nice to haves.” Among that list is often a baby monitor. Anyway, we cannot deny the benefits of baby monitor in keeping you peace of mind and ensuring your baby safe and sound. I have talked about this sometimes in other posts as what is best baby monitor. In other review posts, I may mention to some remarkable baby monitors, but today, i want to spend this post to talk about Snug baby monitor – a brand with few models of baby monitor but offers good quality products.

About the brand

Snug is a brand manufacturing sound and play products like headphone, hearing protector, especially baby care products such as travel baby bed or baby monitor. We do not find much information about this brand in Internet; however, who once find information about baby monitor will know information about this brand.

Until now, Snug has two models of baby monitor. However, a model has been discontinued. So in this topic, I just talk about Snug V2 wifi baby monitor. Like other wifi baby monitor, this snug v2 allows you monitoring baby wherever you are with internet connection. Unlike most of other wifi baby monitor, snug v2 has motion detection to monitor movement of your baby. Let’s see detail information about this baby monitor below.

Snug baby monitor – Product Features:

Brands Snug
Weight / Dimensions / Design
  • 1.4 pounds
  • 8.6 x 5.6 x 5.3 inches
  • Mountable baby monitor – easy to mount on wall
  • Power charge
  • Hardware which support to mount on wall

Everything is very simple. This baby monitor has only one part with no handheld screen. You will use your smartphone or tablet to use as parent unit.

This baby monitor can be mounted on wall by using hardware support device (included in the package). This is very easy.

  • 2 year

Normally, technology products are 1 year warranty.  But this product is warranted for 2 years.

Special Features
  • Compatible with all IOS, Android device and tablet.

The most important factor for a wifi baby monitor is its compatibility. Image that you use more than one smartphone, one uses Android (such as Samsung) and another uses IOS (iPhone); so in that case, a wifi baby monitor which is compatible with all of these device will be more convenient for you. And Snug baby monitor V2 is one of that. You can watch your baby from any mobile devices with internet connection wherever you are.

On my own opinion, this Snug V2 provides clear images on iPhone screen (I use iPhone 6) and it’s also a model that we choose to be the best baby monitor for iPhone

  • Motion and audio detection

Not only a wifi baby monitor, but the Snug baby monitor V2 is also a combination between audio, video and motion detection. This provides you a comprehensive monitor on any moves of your baby. Audio and motion detection alarms can be set so you don’t have to watch the screen, alerts will be sent to your phone or tablet.

Sometime, when I am concentrated on some paperwork and cannot watch the screen, this alarm system is really useful for me. At least, I can keep peace of mind because if there is wrong with my baby, the alarm will be sent to me. I can also receive alarms even when I have phone call or I am using another application.

I can assume that I don’t miss anything from my baby with this baby monitor.

  • Night vision and two-way communication

Night vision allows you to see your baby in the dark to check they are OK. Its video quality is far from perfect, but the Snug has an impressive night-vision range. Using 10 infrared LEDs with light sensors, the camera can see up to 10 meters, or 32 feet, in low-light settings. This is useful if you plan to mount the Snug camera in your baby’s nursery or playroom. The LEDs are subtle and won’t disturb your baby wherever you place the camera. If you prefer other baby monitors with excellent night vision function, you can find more information in our Infant Optics DXR-5 vs DXR-8 or Dropcam baby monitor.

This baby monitor is also equipped with two-way communication. You can hear and talk though the camera. This function is really helpful to soothe your baby or help him to overcome tough time by your voice.

  • Remote pan/tilt and zoom

You can easily use your phone to pan and tilt camera to change view angle or zoom to see your baby clearer

  • USA phone number and online support

You will receive supports from the Snugtogether helpline and website to help you get set up and troubleshoot if needed. Official iPhone and Android App available for free download from App Store/Google Play Store. I feel they are very helpful and supportive.

  • Capture video and images from your smartphone or tablet.

As with other smart baby monitors, you can capture video and images from your parent unit with the Snug Monitor. You can’t share what you capture directly from the app, but the camera unit has a slot for a 64GB SD card to retrieve what you record. Multiple people can watch the same video feed, so you, the babysitter and your spouse can all watch the baby from in or out of the house. Other users only need the app, the QR code and a smartphone to do it. To establish a secure connection, you can add a password for the video feed.

My rating points  9/10
Price  Picture 1

What customers are saying?

Snug V2 wifi baby monitor is rated overall 3.5 out of 5 stars with hundreds comments and feedbacks from customers. There are both negative and positive comments, so let’s see what they are talking about this wifi baby monitor.

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People who leave positive comments on Amazon Reviews are satisfied with some of its nice features like: easy to use, pan/tilt and quality of audio and video. People also like it because they can view it anywhere. The fact that the camera can be connected via a wireless router was a plus to some customers. The high level of security that the Snug V2 baby monitor provides was appreciated by many customers because one cannot just download the app and view the camera’s contents. The decent app notification system of the product especially on the iOS app for sound and motion received positive opinion. Other features that received positive reviews from clients who have used the product are its impressive planning ability and its wireless operation that people said reduced accidents, enhanced aesthetic appeal and saves space that would have otherwise been occupied by wires.

However, everything is not perfect. Therefore, this one also remain some weak point and people often


  • Affordable price

This factor is concerned by many people. Not all people have high income to afford for a high-end baby monitors. So, snug launches this baby monitor; although it doesn’t have full pack of features like lullabies or two-way communication like others, but it provides right price for all people can afford for it.

  • Simple and quick set up

I can easily set up it, then download its app (for free, i use iphone 6) and then enter required information and password. It is very simple. I also change personal password for added security.

  • Peace of mind

Snug v2 best wifi baby monitor allows people monitoring their babies wherever they are. Moreover, parents have added peace of mind with motion and sound detection. The combination among video – wifi – audio and motion baby monitor in snug v2 bring people further comfort. Instead of constantly checking screen to watch baby, you can turn video off and still receive alerts from system if sound exceeds preset level or no movement detected after preset time.

It also has remote pan and tilt together with led indicator and night vision light sensor.


  • The picture is not very clear when you room
  • The app consumes my device’s battery fast.

I have two words to talk about this best wifi baby monitor: simple and useful. Although it isn’t advanced like other expensive one but it complete the tasks of a baby monitor and make parent peace of mind.


I have made some reviews about Snug baby monitor – model V2. Like I said above, this baby monitor is suitable for those who often go out and want to watch baby from anywhere they are. This wifi baby monitor is very easy to use but it has only 1 camera included. So, if you are looking for a baby monitor for two rooms, you should try some model from Motorola Baby Monitor such as MBP43-2 or MBP25-2 which offer nice features in suitable price range and they are also in list of best video baby monitor for twins. So now, thank you for reading and see you again in review article for dropcam baby monitor

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